East End Market

I am one to be a tourist in my own city. My family and I move around a lot, which calls for getting to know our new city. Today, we all decided to go around my neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, and go out to discover new places. While driving by different streets, we noticed a cute garden in front of what looked like a restaurant. As we parked our car, we were already being given a warm welcome by native Orlando bird called the white ibis. Walking into the small building, we realized that what we have walked into wasn’t a “normal” restaurant, this was a cluster of a few unique cafés, restaurants, and jewelry and clothes shops. The environment was incredibly lovely, and everyone was so inviting and kind. I highly recommend visiting the East End Market if you live in Orlando, or come to visit. Send me photos of your journeys by clicking the “contact me” button on my page, and before you click away, don’t forget to keep dreaming!

-Jolie B.

Back in Berlin

I recently went back to Berlin for Thanksgiving break. If you have been following and/or reading my blogs for a while, you know that I come to Berlin a lot because of my family and friends who live there (and the fact that I used to live there as well). Even so, I never get bored of this incredible city. There is always something new to discover. For instance, this past time in Berlin, my Oma and Oncle Rony took my mom, dad, and I to an incredible family owned Italian restaurant that I have never once heard of. Sadly, I can’t remember the name of it, but along one of the walls were photos of the owner and many famous actors and artists in the restaurant, which I thought was incredible because of the fact that the restaurant seemed so hidden and unheard of. Another thing that I thought was quite unusual but spectacular was this photo booth in the middle of one of the sidewalks close to Bernauer Straße. My friend and I hopped in to take a few photos. These are just a couple examples of all the incredible things that I found in Berlin this time I visited. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, and before you click away, don’t forget to keep dreaming!

-Jolie B.

New York, New York

Last weekend, I flew 2 hours north of Orlando, Florida to the city of dreams, street lights, musicals, and buildings that reach the sky; New York City. Stepping out of the Air port and onto the Metro, I begin to smell the classic scents of New York. Not all of them are great, but all of them are familiar. After dropping our bags off at the hotel, my dad and I immediately head out to enjoy what New York has to offer. We walk around to a small restaurant across the street to the Rockefeller center (sadly I cannot remember the name), where I enjoyed what seemed to be the best salad I have ever tasted. Then, we trotted around awhile to Bryant Park where we looked around the Christmas market and  noticed a small tea stand where they sold greatly decorated tins of tea, crepes, clothing, and jewelry. To finish the day, on the way to the hotel, my dad and I stopped by a small cafe where we ate a massive macaroon with tea. The three days in New York continued to be as lovely as this, and I am so grateful for the time I got to spend there. Before you click away, comment a sight to see or a place to go in New York for our fellow readers, and don’t forget to keep dreaming!

-Jolie B.

Pumpkin Spice

The leaves are starting to “fall” once again.

It’s Autumn everyone! This time of year just fills me with joy. There is nothing not to like about Fall because everything is scented of pumpkin and cinnamon, the flavor pumpkin spice has taken over all restaurants and grocery stores and of course, the song “Autumn in New York” by Billie Holiday is playing on repeat. I also feel that now that it is Autumn, I finally have an excuse to fire up scented candles all over my room and throw on my fuzzy socks. These are the little things I appreciate most about this season. Although I love Autumn because of the cozy feeling I get, I also get nostalgic when spooky Autumn rolls around at the end of October. I love watching “The Nightmare before Christmas”, dressing up in costumes and being someone else for a day. What are some things you like about this lovely season? Don’t forget to keep dreaming!

-Jolie B

Paddle Boarding Yoga

I have been practicing yoga since I moved to the city of Berlin in 2017. Since then I have fallen in love with the state of mind and the community. 

Recently, I have moved to the state of Florida. Although Orlando is a lot different to what I am used to, I have come to love it. There are so many things to do here, including paddle boarding. 

Yes. Another boarding sport.

After getting into paddle boarding, I came across paddle yoga.

Before even starting the class I knew this was going to be my new favorite thing.

The day of the class I got on my board and was greeted by a wonderful teacher. We had such a great time in down and up dog, flowing into the warriors, and even practicing head standing. Now I have made this part of my routine and I am now doing it every weekend. I truly recommend trying out paddle board yoga if you live, or are visiting Orlando. 

Don’t forget to keep dreaming. 

-Jolie B.

Wake boarding

I grabbed the handle of the cable as it lifted me onto my board and dragged me across the water. I attempt hoping a few times as I lean into the harsh turns. But right as the cable slows down to bring me to one side, it jerks me and brings me to a high speed. This is when you usually see a splash of water from where I once stood, on my wakeboard. Though I fall right at the mark of 1 round every time and experience major whip lash when I come face to face with the water. I love the sport. Wake boarding, much to my surprise, is fairly different from snowboarding. In wake boarding the weight of your body must be placed on your back foot, where as in snowboarding (and skateboarding) your weight is usually on the front. And, in wake boarding the control and speed is not up to you. You must learn how to work with the cable and get used to when it stops, jerks, speeds, slows, and jumps. I have yet to experiment with cable wake boarding, but I can’t wait to further uncover all of its mysteries in hope to one day tame my wild board.

Devils Den Prehistoric Spring

A 2 hour drive out of Orlando, Florida at 7 am brought me to the Devils Den. As the car approached the entrance of the spring we (My mom, dad, and Liv) were greeted by a wooden sculpture of a devil and acres and acres of grass lands that were homes to horses, goats, and cows. Then, as soon as we hopped out of the car, we put our names on the waiting list to go in the Springs. The scenery outside of the spring was just as flawless as inside. There were trails of flowers and vines covering the office and check in center. There were trees whose branches were thick and long. Which made them the perfect place to go climbing. As the time came for us to head down to the springs, I gathered up my flippers and snorkel, and started down the lime stone stairs. The first thing I saw when I went down to the spring was the illuminated crystal blue water. It was like a scene from my imagination had come to life. The fishes were covered in bright radiant colors, which made it look light a small light show when the sun hit their scales at the perfect angle. Devils Den has something for everyone. If you love trying new things and adventure, I would consider trying to scuba dive (only for those who have the proper certification). And for those who like calmness, try relaxing by laying on your back on top of the water, and listen to the sounds of water tapping into the spring. So, if you are ever in Florida and need a new spot to see, head down to Devils Den Prehistoric Spring. You wont regret it. And before you click away, don’t forget to keep dreaming.

~Jolie B.

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. There were a few technical difficulties that are now fixed. New blogs coming out every week this summer.

Women’s March

#timesup The world today is in such an interesting place. On one hand it is amazing. Women and men are now marching to support our differences and embracing them. We are not silenced and we are standing up for what is right! Women from all different professions are speaking up and talking about the times in their lives where they have been harassed, and we are changing that now. We are changing that so younger girls who are in high school, middle school, and elementary won’t have those experiences. We are changing that so these women who have gone through these horrible encounters can speak out and so the men who have done what they have done won’t do it again. “So how did I take part in this action? ” you may ask. I joined the women’s march that went on, last Saturday. I was amazed to see how many Women and Men were standing up for their rights and the rights of others. I saw a family crying with joy as soon as they stepped foot on the marching grounds. There were angry marchers, who were just sick and tired of all the hate. There were sad marchers, who felt like we the people were not being treate correctly. And lastly there were happy marchers, who saw the future and were happy to be on the way to equality. Comment down below which kind of marcher you are, or dm me @thejolieb on instagram. And before you click away don’t forget to keep dreaming!♥

~Jolie B.

Utah, oh Utah

I am currently in Park City, Utah! THis is actually my first time in this magical state. It has snowed almost every single day since I have been here. It truly is a Winter Wonderland! As you can imagine I have been snowboarding every single day as well. I am working on my 180 and 360 jumps, my butter bagel, and my tripod. I will keep you guys updated as I learn more tricks. The cutest thing about this town is the Main Street. They have the most adorable shops and restaurants ever! Though I’ve only been there twice it is way different than any other “main street” that I’ve been on. It really is a stop you need to take when you get the chance. And before you leave don’t forget to keep dreaming!♥

~Jolie B.

Snow and Rain

These past few days in Berlin were filled with snow and rain. Not just snow. Not just rain. But, snow and rain. It seems to me that they are best friends that never want to separate. If one starts, the other starts as well. Just Yesterday when I was at the Christmas Market with one of my friends. All of sudden it began to snow. For a minute there it was just snowing. The snowflakes were falling and blowing in all different directions. As if they were lost. As if they couldn’t find their home.  But a few moments later the rain started coming down, and right when the first drop of rain fell from the sky, the snow found it’s path and flew straight down with the rain by its side.

Hope you guys enjoyed my “Winter Entry” I will be doing one entry every week in addition to my normal blogs. I feel like writing short stories sets off a certain calming vibe. Comment down below if you want to see more short entries in general, and not just in Winter. Thank you all for your support it truly means the world to me! And before you click away from this blog don’t forget to hit the follow button down below, and don’t forget to keep dreaming!♥

~ Jolie B.